What You Can Expect With Your First Acupuncture Treatment

Your First Acupuncture Visit and Treatment At Our Lake Oswego Clinic!

The initial visit with me will be about 60-90 minute session depending on your health history and your chief complaints.  I will review the clinic forms you completed and brought with you. You will receive a very thorough intake.  It is important to me to know all your pertinent medical history.   Things that happened to you in the past may still be affecting you today.  I will gather as much information from you regarding your current health concerns that you are seeking medical care for.  You will be ask other questions regarding health like your sleep patterns, what you eat, drink, how your digest foods, details about your bowel movements, to your menstrual cycle. It is important to get a clear understanding how each system in your body is functioning.  Yes, these are very personal questions but I don’t want you to be surprised nor embarrassed.  By asking these kinds of questions, patients become more in tuned with their body and start paying close attention.  This is very important for you to learn and listen to your body in order to help you heal.  Your body does communicate with if you slow down and pay attention.  You will even learn what stressors and triggers can induce particular symptoms.  For example, if you are under a great deal of stress perhaps your shoulders and neck will get very tight or your sleep might be impaired.


After the intake, I will conduct an extensive physical evaluation.  As you relax on the massage table, I will be conducting unique diagnostic tools.  I will take a pulse reading from your radial pulses located at both of your wrists.  This pulse taking technique is very different from western medical pulse taking.  There are 3 positions on each side of the wrist that will give me information regarding each of the 5 Elements.  Then I will examine your tongue.  The 5 Elements are located in different areas of the tongue.  Also, I will be palpating your abdomen, meridians, and acupuncture points.  I may even take your blood pressure. 


Then you will receive an acupuncture treatment.  This will give me a baseline of how your body will take to the acupuncture.  If this is your first acupuncture treatment, I will help you overcome your fears and work with as I begin the needling.  I use the finest of needles and have a very gentle approach to needling.  We can even do breathing techniques while the needles are being inserted, which can be very helpful for nervous patients.  Once the acupuncture treatment is given, you get to relax and enjoy the euphoric sensations of acupuncture.  Sometimes patients even fall asleep while having the acupuncture treatment. 


Important Tips Prior Your First Visit

  • Please be on time

  • Bring your completed clinic forms

  • Please don’t come hungry 

  • Don’t eat a big and heavy meal 

  • Be hydrated

  • Can wear comfy and loose clothes but not required


What To Expect After An Acupuncture Treatment 

After the treatment, you are going to feel relaxed, calm, and centered.  It is important to pay close attention to how you are feeling and how your body reacts in the next few days.  When you come back for your next treatment, it is important to report back to me anything you experienced that seems relevant.  Everyone will have a different healing response to acupuncture.  Some people can feel amazing and have dramatic improvements.  Some people may not notice much as changed.  Others may feel worse for a day or two after the treatment.  This is what is called a “healing crisis” and it is a good thing.  You might not feel well but don’t panic.  You body is responding to the treatment and is busy healing.  Symptoms do vary, but you may feel really fatigued, the pain might be worse, or you might even have a headache.  This usually passed within 48 hours and then you will feel a big improvement. 


Pay attention to your body. Here are a few example questions to ask yourself:

  • Did you feel really tired after the treatment?

  • How many days was the pain reduced?

  • Was there any improvements like better sleep, emotionally balanced, or increase in energy?


What To Do After An Acupuncture Treatment

I encourage you to listen to your body and honor the healing process.  If you feel like you need to rest, then it is important to rest.  Please do activities that nourish you. 

  • Get out in nature  

  • Relax and rest

  • Mild exercise like yoga or walking

  • Journaling

  • Doing an art activity like playing music or painting

  • Gardening

  • Stay hydrated and eat healthy foods

  • Meditate

  • Time with your loved ones (if they don't cause you to stress)

  • Watch a funny and feel good movie

  • Read a book


What Not Do After A Treatment And Should Be Avoided:

  • No extreme sports

  • Drugs or alcohol

  • Eating heavy, greasy, fried foods or sugar

  • Don’t watch the news or anything stressful

  • No stressful activities if possible


What Happens Next?

Your second visit will be very informative for you.  I will present a report of findings, which will explain what I found regarding your health.  This report will show you where I found imbalances in your body, provide a treatment plan, and an estimate of how much it will cost.  I believe it is important that you understand where you are in your health, how you got to this point, and what your future will look like if you do not get appropriate treatments.  With the treatment plan, you will understand what it is going to take to get you on a path to health and wellness.  Also, we will discuss a re-evaluation date with your treatment plan.  It is important to see if the treatments are making a difference, perhaps modifications may be needed, or even a referral to another medical practitioner.  My goal is to help you feel better and achieve your health goals.  The number of treatments will depend on the type of illness, whether it is acute or chronic, and if you are committed to making the recommended changes.  If you are looking for a quick fix then Chinese medicine is not right for you.  Acupuncture and herbal therapy may take some time.  It is at the most importance that you commit to the treatment plan and follow my recommendations.  I want you to think of us as a team and I am here to coach and train you along the way.

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