Boost Your Health By Shopping At Chapel Hill, NC Farmers' Market

Chapel Hill Farmers' Market may be a small market, but definitely delivers when it comes to nutritional food. As an acupuncturist I focus on nutritional therapy and I highly recommend shopping here. The local farmers and venders offer organic nutritional food to keep you health. Isn't that reason enough to support your local farmers and businesses in our area?

Nutrition is an important aspect of Eastern Medicine and views food as medicine. What we put into our body can take us on two very different paths. One path can be a path of illness and disease when we eat poor quality foods. If we change our perspective and view food as medicine then it changes everything when it comes to our health and wellbeing. Eastern Medicine has a primary focus on longevity and preventing disease. We eat to optimize health so we can live a vibrant life.

Seasonal, local, and organic is the focus when it comes to nutrition and the Chapel Hill Farmers' Market provides it all to our community.

Chapel Hill, NC Farmers Market

Why Is It Important to Eat With The Seasons?

To maintain health, Eastern Medicine recommends living in accordance with the seasons. We want to flow with the currents of nature rather than swim against it. At the farmers' market, seasonal produce is available and gives our body the proper nutrients required for that particular season.

Each of the 5 Elements and organ systems are associated with a particular season. So by eating the seasonal foods we are enhancing that organ system or Element. Each to these Elements and organs have an associated flavor that resonates with it. Those particular flavors are more abundant during that particular season.


Earth-Late Summer-Sweet





Why Choose Local Food?

Did you know that produce travels from all over the country and even comes from other countries?

At our local groceries, you will see lots of produce from California and Mexico. That produce has to travel long distances so buy the time you take it home and actually eat it; a lot of the nutritional value has declined.

Buy local, because it's fresh and packed full of nutrients!

It is estimated that produce starts loosing its nutritional value within 24 hours from being harvested. This is why is it is important that we support our local farmers. They are harvesting produce at its most ripeness. We need food that is full of all that important nutrients so we are able to get the proper minerals and vitamins to stay healthy.

Why Buy Organic Produce?

Timberwood Organics

What ever chemicals that are sprayed on crops absorbs into the soil and into our food. Eating organic foods is clean eating without all the toxins and poisons. If we view food as medicinal then it is important to make sure it won't harm out body. Sadly, crops are sprayed with herbicides and pesticides. There are studies that correlate these chemicals linked to cancer and other diseases. At the farmer's market, you can talk with local farmers and learn about their farming practices. It is so fun to chat them and hear their passion about growing food for the community just like Timberwood Organics.

*Health Tip: Help support your liver to detox out harmful chemicals by consuming plenty of cruciferous vegetables like brussel sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower.

Get The Health Benefits By Consuming Local Honey

At our Chapel Hill Farmers' Market, we are blessed to have King Cobra Apiary Honey. Ali takes great pride in his bee farm and produces some excellent honey. Be sure to grab a bottle since honey is so good for your health.

Honey is a Chinese herb called "Feng Mi" that is associated with the lung, large intestine, spleen, and stomach organs. Its properties are sweet and moistening. Honey has a powerful antimicrobial effect and antioxidant properties. Due to its moistening properties it is get for treating dry conditions like dry cough, constipation, dry mouth and throat, and skin. Honey tonifies the Qi of the Lung and Spleen to address low appetite, fatigue, weak cough, frequent colds, asthma, and shortness of breath.

Boost Your Immunity and Get Health Benefits From Local Mushrooms

I was so excited to meet Haw River Mushrooms! Their mushrooms are so beautiful and I learned alot about the different flavors of the varieties they sell. These beautiful pink oysters in the photo have a bacon-like flavor and the lion's mane almost tastes like seafood. Hopefully, their jerky will return soon.

Varieties of mushrooms are used in Eastern Herbology and support the immune system. To learn more about medicine mushrooms, please check out my blog

Chapel Hill, NC Farmers' Market vendors are worth checking out just like Pomegranate Kitchen. I highly recommend stopping by and taste all the wonderful spices and flavors used in the delicious international foods. Definitely get their hibiscus and ginger tea, yum!

This market also brings fun and education! There is always local musicians performing to keep you entertained while you shop around. You can bring your compost and learn more about it at the Farmers' Market booth.

And let's not forget all the beautiful flowers to brighten your home.

Chapel Hill, NC acupuncturist Stacy Spence

As a local acupuncturist here in Chapel Hill, NC; I highly recommend coming to the market. Get healthy produce that's local, supports our farmers and agriculture, try some yummy foods, be entertained by local music, and meet some awesome people.

Visit to learn more.

Chapel Hill Farmers' Market Hours:

Saturday 8am-12pm

Tuesday 3pm-6pm

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