Health Tip Halloween

Happy Halloween! Wishing you and your family a happy and safe Halloween. Staying healthy this Halloween can be challenging. Remeber, for every 100 calories extra consumed per day will lead to an addition 10 pounds of weight gain per year. It really doesn't take much to gain some extra weight. Instead of eating whole bag or the enire candy bar, try to limit your candies to very small bites and only one piece per day. Try to avoid the standard halloween candies. It is filled with harsh toxins like corn syrup, artifical flavors, and dyes which is very harmful to our bodies. Replace those candies with dark chocolate. It is good for you. And keep up with your exercise program during this sugar

Studying with my mentor...

Clinic will be closed 10/19-21/16 I want you to know that I am closing the clinic Weds-Friday and heading to Seattle to study side by side with my mentor Bob Doane. He is an international Chinese Medical Practitioner and Acupuncturist. Bob is the founder of Medical Pulse Diagnosis and DNA Acupuncture. I am very excited to be learning directly from him and sharpening my skills. Bob has the most successfull practice in the US, so we will be treating over 100 patients every day. Wow! I am looking forward to coming back and implementing what I will learn. So get ready for the new and improved me. If you need any thing, please don't hesitate to reach out. Clinic will resume regular busine

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