Secrets To Healthy Eating During The Winter

To promote health and longevity, it is important to modify your diet according to the season. The winter is associated with the kidney and bladder organs, which we call the water element. This is the season where we want to make choices that are going to nourish and supplement our kidneys. So we want to eat foods that are associated that are going to increase the health of our kidneys. How To Eat Healthy In Winter The opposite of winter is the summer season where we ate light meals, which were mostly raw foods, salads, and fruits. Now we are in the cold season, so we want to modify our diet to cooked meals. Warm soups and stews are excellent meals. I highly recommend making bone broth,

Easiest Almond Milk Recipe!

If you haven’t tried making your own almond milk, you are in for a real yummy treat. It is so easy to make and only takes a few minutes! Try drinking it straight out of a glass or add it smoothies, cereals, and teas. The Deceit of Almond Milk! Don’t waste your money purchasing almond milk from the grocery store. If you missed the big scandal, Almond Breeze was selling so called “almond milk”, which only contained 2% of almonds in each carton of milk. Plus, the nut milks contain preservatives that aren’t good for you anyway. Once you tried homemade almond milk; you will quickly realize it just doesn’t taste as good. Almonds Are Highly Nutritional! According to Chinese Nutrition, almonds ar

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