Lake Oswego Arthritis: You Should Avoid These Foods If You Have Arthritis

Have you noticed that all of a sudden your arthritis pain it gets worse? Did you know that it could be caused by something you ate? Patients will complain that all of a sudden their joints hurt more than usual. I always ask what they ate the day before and sure enough it is a particular food that is causing more joint inflammation. I see this all the time in clinic. Arthritis is a condition where there is a breakdown of cartilage in the joints of the body. Cartilage acts like a lubricant and cushion in between joints. If there is continued wear and tear, the cartilage breaks down and eventually causes bone on bone rubbing, which is very painful. Arthritic symptoms are pain, swelling, stif

Lake Oswego Air: Easy Health Tips To Protect Yourself From Harmful Forest Fire Smoke

It devastating news that our beloved Columbia Gorge is in flames. The forest fires are now in our backyard and poses serious health risk. Breathing in these microscopic particulates are harmful to our respiratory system, which can get lodged into the lungs. People who have health conditions like respiratory system, cardiovascular, or diabetes are more susceptible. Those who are pregnant, elderly, or children need to be extra cautious of the air quality. You may experience symptoms like: Wheezing and/or coughing Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath Burning eyes Runny nose Chest tightness or pain Palpitations Here are some tips to keep your lungs protected: Avoid going outside as mu

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