Learn 4 Essential Skincare Tips To Protect Your Skin This Fall Season

Do you know how to best protect your skin and prevent wrinkles during the fall season? Now that the weather has changed, so does your skincare regimen for the fall. In this blog, you will learn 4 essential tips to protect your skin from the changing weather of the season. Summer To Fall Skincare Routine Summer was the most Yang season with lots of heat and sunshine. Our skin had different requirements to keep it protected from all the UV rays. With fall season here, we are transitioning towards the winter, which are the coldest and darkest months. Fall weather brings cold wind that can be harsh to our skin. Plus, heaters will dry the air out, which will further dry our skin. And on top of th

Chinese Medicine Nutritional Tips To Eating Healthy For The Fall Season

The fall season has different nutritional requirements according to Chinese Medicine. The ancient physicians discovered the secrets to anti-aging and longevity by eating and living according to the seasons. In this blog, I will share with you the secrets to thriving during the autumn and the things to eat in the fall. Autumn is the season where the daylight gets shorter and the cold weather arrives. This energetic shift means the Yang energy is shifting to the Yin energy. We just went from the warm sunny days of summer to approaching the long dark nights of winter. The Yin energy is about the is inward stillness and the contracting of essence of life and storing it for the winter, which is w

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