Best TCM Strategies To Fight The Common Cold, Flu, and COVID19

Since we are in a pandemic with a new strain of the Coronavirus attacking the global, I want to share with you in this blog is what initial symptoms to look for and some simple strategies to stop colds/flus and even the corona virus in its tracks using Chinese Medicine. When you get sick, do you tend to experience sinus infections or lower respiratory infections? Do you get sick at certain season each year? Knowing the answers to these questions will better prepare you for when the cold and flu season strikes. We are frequently being invaded by pathogens and don't even know it. This why so many people are walking around with the Coronavirus and are asymptomatic. Usually our immune system is

Use These Top Chinese Herbs To Boost Your Immunity Against COVID19

Now that we are faced with COVID-19, we need strategies on how to protect ourselves from contracting the virus and spreading it. This virus is very similar to the Influenza, but does have some differences. This type of Corona Virus is very contagious where 1 person can infect 1.4-3.9 people compared to Influenza that is about 2-3 people. The incubation rate varies from 2-14 days so those how are asymptomatic can easily spread it. Also, the death rate is higher with this virus at 1% compared to .1% from Influenza. Statistics are projecting that about 18 million Americans will die from this virus, which is about 1 person out of every 100. WHAT ARE SYMPTOMS OF THE CORONA VIRUS? This virus cause

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