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Greer, SC Acupuncture Clinic Testimonials

They Are Saying...


We strive for results and taking care of our patients along their journey to improving their health. Feel free to read patient testimonials about their experience working with us. We have additional reviews on Google.

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"I am so grateful to Stacy for her loving presence and amazing diligence in working with me through a difficult period of several months.  Her deep sense of caring is healing in itself.  And her knowledge of the art and science of acupuncture - including the herbal remedies - is amazing.  The attributes of wisdom and love coalesce in Stacy's work to create a truly holistic healing environment". ~ Judith

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


"For many years I have heard of acupuncture and have been curious to it's power, but like many of us have left it at that. Then in the beginning of 2013 I had carpal tunnel issues with both hands, to the point that I could hardly hold on to a pencil. You see I'm a carpenter, so I need my hands to work, so I can work. I considered going to an acupuncturist through the recommendation of friend and when I found the business card of Stacy and her practice (Which was in our local coffee shop), I called and made an appointment. With apprehensions in hand I went through the first treatment, and must say, I found immediate results. Stacy had calmed my worries and gave recommendations to better health, and wellness. So with this new set of tools in hand my life changed. I am grateful for this young practitioner and her amazing and given talents to help people like me to achieve a better and balanced life.

     For you who have been seeking relief from your problems in health and life I recommend highly to give Stacy a chance to help you. Granted, there are a lot of competent practitioners around, but I must say this, in my opinion, Stacy has a given desire and talent that far exceeds what is expected of her" A truly amazing and dear person, and I wish her great success!" Marty

Whole body and Chronic Elbow Pain 


"I've been a goldsmith for more than thirty years and I started seeing Stacy in the spring of 2013 for chronic elbow pain. It was extremely important that I get some relief as the pain was making it difficult to get through the day and was honestly putting my career in jeopardy.

I'd tried other forms of treatment with limited success. I was skeptical about acupuncture but I had to try something. I saw Stacy once a week for 10 weeks and the results were nothing short of amazing! Almost immediately my pain dropped by about 70% and by the end my pain had disappeared completely. Finally, I was able to work and sleep pain free.

Acupuncture is great, but not all practitioners are created equal. I'm needle-phobic and Stacy made the experience soothing and painless. The whole process is gentle and relaxing. Stacy is worth every penny you'll spend." 

She is awesome!!!

"I started seeing Stacy several months ago for a chronic health condition that was causing me a great deal of anxiety and affecting my sleep. I was seeing a number of specialists at the time and Stacy was the one medical professional who made the most positive impact. She is a highly skilled acupuncturist and very knowledgeable Chinese herbalist. Not only has she helped me cope with my anxiety and improve my overall health in the short term, she's also taught me so much about mindfulness and gratitude that I believe will help for years to come. I can't recommend her highly enough. She is awesome!!!" anonymous

Bicipital Pain


"I had intermittent and at times severe pain in my right arm (bicep area). Prior to visiting Stacy, I had tried physical therapy and RICE. Nothing worked for weeks and finally I was recommended to try acupuncture with Stacy. I had three acupuncture treatments from Stacy over a period of two weeks and my arm pain disappeared few days after my third treatment. I was scheduled to go on vacation and I was afraid it will ruin my vacation, but Stacy’s remarkable therapy did wonders to my nagging arm pain.  Stacy’s approach to healing the pain was holistic meaning she thoroughly evaluated the source of pain and besides acupuncture she used other Chinese massage techniques, herbal pain reliever and Reike. I believe the combination of all the treatments she used helped relieve the pain.  

If you have not had acupuncture or Chinese massage therapy, it is worth trying it. Being a tennis player, I have always gone to my physical therapist when I have had injuries. Now I will be more inclined to try the alternative acupuncture treatment which in my case was affective."   A.

Stacy is wonderful at her work. Great bedside manner, very concise in her suggestions, and through in her assessments. She strives to provide the best treatments and care for her patients.   T.

I am fixed!!!

I had been working with a chronic running related knee injury for 7 months. I might add that I’m very needle phobic as well…I mustered the courage to seek a cure. One acupuncture session with Stacy set it straight! Didn’t feel the results immediately after the treatment, however the next day my pain was gone and I have full range mobility back. Stacy is a skilled practitioner who has my complete trust. I am so grateful. Thank you!   D.

Shoulder Tightness


I was amazed at the results I got only after a few treatments!  Stacy has a very gentle approach and I enjoyed receiving treatments from her.  She knows what she is doing and is very knowledgeable.  Again, I am amazed that the tightness left my shoulder so quickly.   Bernadette

Neuromas and Chronic Foot Pain + Hotflashes


I have been suffering from chronic foot pain due to neuromas in both of my feet.  Since this problem started a couple of years ago, I have tried shoe inserts, and saw a podiatrist and physical therapy.  I started seeing Stacy 4 months ago and I have gotten more relief from her treatments than anything I've tried previously.  Also, I find it to be a very relaxing time spent with Stacy, she is very generous with her time.  


I had been experiencing very annoying and uncomfortable hotflashes daily at work.  Taking herbs has greatly reduced my hotflashes to almost nothing now.  I am very grateful for that!


Since I have started seeing Stacy and having acupuncture treatments and taking Chinese herbs, I have become more aware of how I can become healthier through Chinese Medicine.  I like that I don't have to have a prescription from a Doctor for a medication that has harmful side effects and cause more damage to my body.   Jill

Very Inviting

"I met with Stacy for my very first experience with acupuncture recently. She made me feel very at ease and even eliminated some of my shoulder pain in the short time of acupuncture at my first appointment. Second, follow up, appointment in 3 days. " DE

Stacy has been instrumental in assisting and addressing my health care concerns by relieving pain, anxiety, stress, sleep deprivation, weight gain and reviving my youthful vitality. She is an expert and uses various modalities including chinese medicine, acupuncture, Reiki, cupping, supplements and purification techniques. My journey back to a healthy lifestyle has begun and will continue with Stacy’s guidance and expertise.    S.

Stacy has a naturally, intuitive touch. Her needlework is great and she is very in-tune with her patients needs! I have been getting regular work and the results truly speak for themselves.         M.

"I have refered more people to her.Just after 2 visits I am feeling better".    T.

"Stacy has a gift as a healer. She is very caring and kind".         Kim

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You have nothing to loose and risk free! Why not schedule a Consultation with us and see if we can help you. Give us a call or email if you have any additional questions. 

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