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Optimal Weight Program

Lose weight fast
Natural weight loss program

Loose weight, keep the weight off, improve your health, and be the BEST you with the Optimal Weight Program. 

It’s safe, natural, effective, easy and transformational!

Do you have the following challenges when it comes to losing weight?

  • Difficulty loosing weight?

  • Keep gaining the weight back?

  • Tried every diet fade and nothing seems to work?

  • Keep exercising and nothings really happening?

  • Counting calories not helping?


Obesity and overweight is an epidemic in the U.S. effecting both children and adults.  Currently, it is estimated that about 78 million adults and 13 million children are obese.  Sadly, the public isn’t being educated on the negative health consequences or what to really do about it.  In a nutshell, excess body weight is the gateway to a variety of chronic diseases. 


Did you know that obesity/overweight is the #2 PREVENTABLEcause of illness and death?  Smoking is #1.  It is estimated that about 1 in 5 deaths are due to obesity.  Being overweight leads to serious diseases like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer.


If you are overweight, you may suffer any of the following:



Skin Issues







Difficulty in concentrating

Low libido

Chronic pain


Loosing weight isn’t just about shedding pounds and getting into those skinny jeans.  More importantly, it is about creating a health body, health habits, health body image, and preventing chronic diseases.  We all come in different sizes and shapes and we need to learn to honor our bodies.


There are many factors that contribute to weight gain other than unhealthy lifestyle choices like eating high calorie foods and not getting enough exercise.


Did you know STRESS makes you fat? Stress taxes the adrenal glands causing excess cortisol to be released, which can make youoverweight.  The thyroid gland regulates the body’s metabolism and if it is under-active it can cause weight gain. Insulin is a fat storing hormone and when insulin levels are constantly at high levels, the liver is signaled to store fat, which leads to a fatty liver and diabetes.  Also, being estrogen dominance is another cause to weight gain.


Yes, if we eat a poor diet with high calories and don’t exercise we will be overweight.  However, for lots of people there tends to be an internal imbalance that needs correcting to successfully loose weight and to keep it off.  At Vibrant Life Acupuncture, these are just a few examples of the areas that we will explore and address with you.


































Get into the best shape and health of your life!


Optimal Weight Program:

Loose weight safely, naturally, and effectively while creating healthier choices and improving your overall health.  The program is designed to help you loose weight, reduce of cravings, regulate your appetite, increase your metabolism, and detoxification process.


This program is easy to follow but needs a COMMITMENT from you.

This program isn’t about starving your-self or counting calories. You will learn how to eat a healthy whole foods diet.  You will eliminate all the unhealthy foods like sugar, processed foods, sodas, gmo’s, etc.

Completing this program will reset your relationship with food and you will want to choose the healthy food options.


The BENEFITS with the Optimal Weight Program are:

Weight loss

Assist with food issues and addictions

Learn how to eat a health diet without calorie counting

Reset your body’s eating habits and cravings

Instinctively eat a cleaner diet

Increase your energy

Increase your self-awareness

Address most of your health issues/illnesses

Remove toxins safely from your body

Feel happier and sexier

Increase your libido


We will help you loose weight and look good, but most importantly improve your overall health naturally with acupuncture, Chinese herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching.


Optimal Weight Program:

The Optimal Weight Program is a 1 month holistic program designed to help you reclaim your health and loose weight.  An initial assessment will be conducted to get a baseline of your health status.  Then a customized program will be implemented for you.  You will receive the herbal and nutritional program, diet guidelines, weekly acupuncture treatments and check-ins, and lifestyle recommendations. Additional recommendations will be based on your specific needs and health goals.  After completing this program, a final health assessment will be conducted and reviewed.

  • Acupuncture Weight Loss Treatments

  • Nutritional Weight Loss Program-herbal and whole food supplements designed specifically for you.



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