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TCM Detox Guide To Renew You Body and Mind

TCM detox guide

Thinking about doing a cleanse? Spring and fall are the PERFECT time to do so since these are transitional seasons. Transitional seasons means the growing energy of yin that leads to winter or yang that leads to summer. Supporting your liver and cleaning out your body will help to optimize your health.

In this blog, I will share some to tips that are easy to implement and you can start right away. These tips are a great introduction to cleansing and detoxing. You can even try these tips if you just want to help support your liver without doing a full blown cleanse.


The liver is a very busy organ and does a lot to keep you healthy. Here are some examples of the functions of the liver and hopefully this will give you a better understanding why liver support and cleansing is important.

Elimantes toxins

Eliminates hormones

Regulates blood sugar

Produces bile to breakdown fats

Breaks down old blood cells

Processes nutrients from the intestines

Produces cholesterol and proteins

When the liver isn't working optimally it can get congested very easily and then a whole bunch of problems start. Your digestion gets backed up and doesn't function properly. A sluggish liver while also negatively impact your emotions that can lead to feelings of irritability, anger, and even depression. Excess hormones don't get filtered out of the body which can lead to gynecologist issues.

Common Symptoms Of Liver Dysfunction According To TCM

  • Bloating

  • Breast tenderness and PMS

  • Feelings of anger, depression, and irritability

  • Waking up around 2-3:00 in the mornings

  • Vision issues

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Discomfort under the ribs

  • Skin rashes and acne

  • Yellowing of skin and eyes

The Wonderful Benefits Of Cleansing

benefits of cleansing

So why not support your liver and optimize it functions so it can feel great?

Bonus for a healthy liver...

Increase in energy

Elimination of inflammation

Weight loss

Sleep is deeper and waking up refreshed

Improve vision and eye health

Increase mental clarity

Boost your immunity

Glowing skin and complexion

Hormones are balanced and better regulated

Feel great

Eliminate addictions

Refresh Your Environment, Diet, and Mind By Eliminating Toxins

The first step is think about eliminating some toxic things from your life. There is no point of living a toxic life if you are trying to detox your liver.

I invite you to take an assessment of your life and discover what could be toxic to your health whether that's physically or emotionally. Instead try replacing it with a healthier alternative or eliminate it all together. Giving your liver some time to clean up with less obstacles will make it much easier.

  • Letting go of negative thoughts or eliminating triggers that contribute to negative thoughts

  • Avoid toxic behaviors in your relationships with people in your life

  • Release stored up anger and resentment

  • Stop the consumption of alcohol for a period time

  • Stop the consumption of sugars

  • Avoid greasy and fried foods

  • Replace toxic cleaning products and replace with something more natural

  • Replace toxic makeup, body products, and cleansers with natural beauty products

  • Use natural scented candles instead of toxic candles

  • Incorporate organic foods into your diet

  • Replace tap water with filtered water to drink

  • Avoid using plastic in the kitchen



In TCM the flavor SOUR is good for the liver and gallbladder. So a perfect way to help these organs is by drinking lemon water first thing in the mornings. Lemon water cleanses the liver and helps it flush out toxins. This organ has been very busy while you are sleeping by removing lots of toxins and excessive hormones out of your body. Sleep is when your body is repairing and rejuvenating so drinking this concoction first thing will help your liver flushing it all out.

BENEFITS OF LEMONS: 1.High in glutathione- Made in the liver and is an important antioxidant. 2. High in Vitamin C- Another antioxidant. (Antioxidants reduces oxidative damage done to cells. Think anti-aging and optimal health. ) 3. Anti-inflammatory properties- Protects against liver damage whether from drinking too much alcohol or consuming too much sugar/carbs (high insulin) LEMON WATER RECIPE:

  • 1/4-1/2 organic lemon

  • 8 oz filtered water and warm it up

  • Mix and stir. Drink this healthy liver cocktail first thing in the morning and yes that means before your coffee or tea.

  • Be cautious of your enamel if you have sensitive teeth.

3 Herbal Strategies To Cleanse The Liver

1. Antioxidant Herbs

Since your liver is super busy eliminating toxins; it can go under oxidative stress so it's important to add herbs that are abundant in antioxidants. There are some great herbal detox teas out there that have these herbs in it or you can brew your own tea.



Goji Berries

Milk Thistle

2. Enhance Glutathione

Glutathione is produced by the liver to help convert fat soluble toxins into water soluble so the body can excrete it out.

Burdock root




3. Increase Fiber

Fiber is important to help bind to the toxins for better elimination so increasing extra fiber is recommended when cleansing.

Psyllium Husk


Consume Foods To Help Detox And Cleanse

Now that you have thought of what foods needs to be eliminated from your diet; try to incorporate organic foods to help detoxify your liver.

Cruciferous Foods-broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, kale, cabbage, arugula, and bok choy



Beets and beet tops

Hopefully now you are equipped with some simple steps to support your liver and help it detoxify more easily.

You will definitely feel a positive shift in your health!

In Good Health,


PS: If you are interested in learning how to optimize your diet and health during the spring season, please check out this blog


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