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Can Acupuncture Really Help Eliminate Headaches?

acupuncture eliminates headaches, acupuncturist Stacy Spence in Chapel Hill, NC
Give acupuncture a try at our Chapel Hill clinic and finally say good-bye your headaches!

Acupuncture is known to help treat a lot of pain conditions and YES acupuncture can eliminate headaches once and for all. In this blog I will share with you how acupuncture works when it comes to treating headaches and how many treatments are needed to finally eliminate headaches.

"I've been struggling with migraines for years, under her care I haven't had a headache in over 6 weeks. I highly recommend her!"

How Does Acupuncture Work And How Does It Eliminate Headaches?

Acupuncture is a modality that came from Asian countries and has been around thousands of years. Today, there are lots of research being conducted on how acupuncture works. Without getting to medical on you, I can explain it in easy terms.

acupuncture for headache relief

Acupuncture is the insertion of a tiny wire that is as thin as a cat’s whisker. The wire is inserted into specific acupuncture points that stimulates the nervous system to respond. So basically, it increases blood flow, reduces inflammation, retrains the brain to heal itself, and balances the whole body.

When it comes to headaches, acupuncture is going to increase blood flow to the head especially where the headache is located. It will create an immune response to reduce any inflammation caused by the headache. Another amazing aspect of acupuncture is that it can reduce tense and tight muscles and fascia that can be contributing to the headache pain. Whether you have headache behind eyes, temples, forehead, sinus pressure, and tension headaches; acupuncture can address it.

You may be wondering if acupuncture hurts. Who doesn't hate needles? Check out my other other to see a demo. .

How Quickly Can Headaches Be Eliminated With Acupuncture?

When a patient comes in the first time with a headache, it is more common for the patient to leave with 75% reduction or 100% gone. What? Really? Yes! Acupuncture can work that fast. By stimulating the nervous, the body can resolve headaches very quickly and even instantly. The problem though is that the headaches will come back if the root cause isn’t addressed.

How Many Treatments Are Needed To Eliminate Headaches?

Since everyone is different and has a unique constitution, treatments will vary. I prefer to do an assessment series of acupuncture treatments to make sure the patient is going to respond to treatment. Once it is confirmed that the patient responds to acupuncture by getting some relief from the headache then I will create a treatment plan. The first treatment plan is to provide pain relief, reduce the frequency, and correct the root cause of why the patient is having headaches. Generally, this can be 10-12 acupuncture treatments. After those treatments, then we will have a re-exam to assess progress. Progress is evaluating the frequency of headaches and the pain severity compared to the original intensity. It is more common to have another treatment plan to restore and retrain the brain to heal itself so the headaches resolve and never come back. This may be 6-8 additional treatments.

I do want to be clear that these treatment plans are very customized to the individual so the above treatment numbers are the average number of acupuncture treatments. So patients may need more treatment, especially if they have suffering for a very long time. At least this gives you an idea how many acupuncture treatments it may look like.

Do I Need Acupuncture Forever To Keep Headaches From Coming Back?

This is a great question! If the patient can live a perfectly healthy life then no, but that isn’t realistic. Life happens. Maybe something stressful comes along that can trigger a headache. Perhaps not eating a healthy diet can trigger headaches. Tech neck is a very common issue that continues to stress the neck muscles creating tension headaches. Anyway, you get the idea.

Your body is your beautiful vehicle for life and just like cars they need tune-ups to keep it running well. Same goes for our bodies. Acupuncture can help our bodies stay in balance and keep headaches at bay from returning.

I hope this blog helped you discover that acupuncture can eliminate headaches once and for all. If you or someone you knows is struggling with headaches, please share this information with them. They don’t have to struggle any more.

Please feel to schedule a Free Eliminate Headaches Forever Consultation and see how acupuncture can help you finally get the relief you are looking for. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

In Good Health,


Chapel Hill, NC acupuncturist Stacy Spence treats headaches

Stacy Spence, L.Ac., MSOM

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