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"I can finally enjoy my evenings! I have enough energy to get all my work done and things around the house."

A 46 year old female was dealing with COVID long haul symptoms and was exhausted all the time.

She works full time and barely had an energy to work and definitely had no energy to do anything else.

She felt guilty that her husband was having to take on the responsibilities at home. He too was working full time.

At this point she was fed-up feeling this way and needed a solution.

Her MD prescribed her lots of inhalers, blood pressure medications, anti-depressant, and ADHD medication. With all these meds, she was still struggling and feeling awful.

She desperately wanted to feel like her old self again that was healthy. Her quality of life was not good and she had to try something different. It had been over 2 years since contracting COVID and dealing with some side effects from the vaccine; she needed to try something different. She really hated taking all those medications and they were working very well.

Her biggest questions were:

  1. Will acupuncture help her have more energy again?

  2. How long will it take?

Her biggest fear was that she won't feel any better and she was going have to feel this way for the rest of her life.


My solution to her was that we test her body with acupuncture and see if she responds. With the level on health and all the medications she was taking; I recommended coming in three times per week for two weeks. This way we have some time to really discover if she was going to respond to treatment.

This patient had never tried acupuncture before, but was open to it.


COVID long haul symptoms

This is how she was feeling...

She was exhausted, wiped out, and foggy headed, which was making life difficult.

She complained she had a difficult time working and no energy to anything after work.

She missed doing her favorite hobbies and really enjoying life.

She didn't even have the energy to do house chores like cooking or laundry.

Her chronic coughing was kept her up all night.

I knew it was important to track her energy levels. So I used a scale from 10-1 with 10 being the most energy.

Initially she rated her energy:

mornings: 5 afternoon: 5 evenings: 3

Her main goal was to have energy to exercise, to chores, and get back to do the hobbies she love.

Here is how her progress went over the course of the two weeks:

After the first acupuncture treatment, patient reported have more energy for 2 days, which she

rated her energy 6-7 on the scale.

After the second acupuncture treatment, the patient rated energy in the evening 7 and was able to work longer and even do laundry.

After the forth treatment, patient reported enjoyable evenings, had desire to exercise and scheduled in her calendar. Patient rated fatigue 75% improvement already! She realized she was still struggling with fatigue around lunch time.

By the 6th acupuncture treatment, patient rated energy in morning: 7 afternoon: 7 evening: 8.

During this course of treatment of six acupuncture treatments, we confirmed that she was responding very positively to acupuncture and her energy was returning quickly.


The next step was to continue with treatment, so I recommended coming in twice per week for 1 month. We both knew she would continue to improve with her energy and overall health.

After the one month plan, I conducted a re-examination and the results were outstanding!

She reported:

1. She had energy to other things she needed to get done like cooking and cleaning.

2. She felt motivated to do hobbies and go out again.

3. It is easier to get rolling in the mornings and not drag.

4. No longer felt exhausted by 11am.

5. She is happy to be social again and spend time with her friends.

Her final rating of her energy level was...

Rate energy on scale from 10-1 with 10 being the most energy: morning: 9 afternoon: 8-9 evening: 9

Love success stories! COVID long haul symptoms are rough for so many people. If you are you know someone that is still struggling, please reach out to me. Now is the time to get your health back and live a VIBRANT LIFE!

In Good Health,


acupuncturist near me Stacy Spence

Stacy Spence, L.Ac., MSOM


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