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3 Easy Tips To Be Healthy This Winter

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The nights are getting longer and the weather is getting colder. We are now approaching the season of hibernation called Winter. According to Chinese Medicine, this when the Yin aspect becomes its maximum bringing the longest and coldest night. This is the opposite of the summer season when Yang is at its maximum bring longer days and hotter weather.

This transitional time going into the most Yin season requires a great deal of input on the body, because the energy is moving inward. If your Yin and Yang are not abundant, then you will likely experience some symptoms or perhaps your symptoms will get worse. You might experience back or knee pain, feeling colder, cold hands and feet, frequent urination, night-time urination, hair loss, fatigue, libido issues, infertility, or swollen ankles to list a few examples.

Winter is associated with the kidney and bladder organs. Cold, darkness, water, and stillness are other aspects to this season. This is the perfect time to love up your Water organs (kidneys and bladder) and make some simple changes that correspond to the season.

Follow These Simple Tips To Stay Healthy This Winter:

1. Time to eat less raw and cold foods. Yes, this means no smoothies for breakfast,

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because it is too cold and requires more fire to break down. Eat warm, cooked foods especially that are cooked slowly. Stews, soups, and congee are ideal. This is the time to be making and drinking bone broth to support your bones, which are governed by the kidneys. Drink plenty of teas to stay warm. Chai tea is great choice since it is made with many warming herbs like ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom.

2. High impact and high intensity exercises are not ideal for the winter especially living in the Pacific Northwest. This might sound crazy; I know but let me explain. This is the season to go inward, be still, and hibernate. We live in a cold climate with limited sunlight. The sun is Yang and can fuel us, but we don’t get much of it here during the winter. So hibernating and slowing down gives us the ability to conserve and store our energy for when spring comes. This way we have lots of energy to enjoy the summer while staying healthy. We are not meant to be like the Energizer Rabbit all year long. Now, I don’t mean not exercising at all, but doing more low-moderate exercises.

3. With longer nights, we can converse our energy by sleeping longer. Try going to bed a little earlier or sleeping a little later. Even an additional 15 minutes is better than not. Taking naps on the weekends is great if you can’t get more sleep during the week.

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Try to enjoy this winter season by finding ways in your life to slow down and create inner peace. Do activities that are inward and inspiring like arts, crafts, reading, mediation, spending time with family and friends.

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In Good Health,


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