Chapel Hill Allergy Treatment: 3 Natural Tips To Treat Seasonal Allergies

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If you live in Chapel Hill, NC and suffer from allergies then you are in the right place. Spring has finally arrived! It is such a beautiful season here in North Caroline with all the flowering trees and flowers. Even the smell of spring is in the air. However, those of you who suffer from seasonal allergies, spring can leave you feeling down right miserable.

You most likely experience allergy symptoms like:

Itchy, red, and puffy eyes


Runny nose

Sinus congestion


Itchy skin

Patients are coming to the clinic complaining about how horrible they feel due to their allergies. They are trying the typical over-the-counter anti-histamines like Claritin, Zyrtec, Flonase, and Allegra, but getting mediocre results. They are feeling pretty frustrated with all that sinus congestion and endless sneezing.

To really take control of your seasonal allergies and to prevent all those miserable symptoms, the best thing to practice is preventative care prior to the spring season. However, it isn’t too late to do something about it now. The main goal when it comes to allergies is to strengthen your immune system so it isn’t hypersensitive to all the allergens in the environment. The other important aspect to preventing allergies is promoting liver health. A very important function of the liver is to filter and detoxify your blood. If the liver is congested and sluggish, then the toxins get backed up in the bloodstream, which causes an immune response leading to those annoying allergy symptoms.

3 Natural Tips To Treat Seasonal Allergies in Chapel Hill

Seasonal allegeries Chapel Hill

Here are my favorite and effective natural tips when it comes to seasonal allergies:

1. Take medicinal mushrooms like reishi, cordyceps, shiitake, or maitake. These mushrooms contain polysaccharides, which

powerfully boost your immune response. Mushrooms can even inhibit the growth of tumors. You take them in supplement form or even cook with them.

2. Drink apple cider vinegar water. ACV reduces histamine reactions, inflammation, mucus production, and even helps detoxify the liver.

1 tbsp ACV per cup of filtered water, drink 3 glasses per day

3. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs are an effective and natural

Chapel Hill Allergies Acupuncture Treatments

modality to strengthen your immune system, improve liver function, and instantly reduce allergy symptoms.

My clinic offers Chapel Hill allergy relief for all seasons. Call today at (919) 726-6540 to schedule an appointment and stop those bothersome allergies right away.

In Good Health,


Stacy Spence is an Integrative Medical Practitioner and acupuncturist in Chapel Hill, North Carolina specializing in pain relief. She loves sharing her passion for natural approaches to professional women through her online articles and at her clinic.

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