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Greer, SC-3 Tips To Relieve Trigger Point Muscle Pain

If you are in Greer and struggle with sore muscles causing trigger points then you are in the right place. Sore muscles and having knots in them can be very uncomfortable, which is probably why you are here. In this blog, I will share with you 3 tips to help you get some muscle relief and hopefully resolve those trigger points.

When your muscles get sore it can cause what are known as trigger points, which means knots in the muscle fibers. You can easily feel it when you press around the area of pain. The trapezius muscle is the most common muscle that gets these types of knots. This is the large muscle that is on top of your shoulders and goes to the base of your neck.

Let's get into the good stuff and learn some tips to resolve the trigger points so you aren't in pain and able to live your life.

3 Tips To Relieve Knots In Your Muscles Known As Trigger Points

Greer, SC acupuncture clinic offers pain relief for trigger points using dry needling

1. Apply heat to the sore muscle.

You can use a heating pad or hot water bottle and apply for 15-20 minutes. The heat will improve the blood flow to the area, which is where all the healing agents from your immune system travel in order to clean up the area and minimize the inflammation.

Please avoid using ICE! It may sound good in theory, but it's actually doing more harm and stalling the healing process. Ice causes your muscles and fascia to contract and tighten even more, which is the opposite of what you need. The constricted tissues will inhibit blood flow to area so your immune cells will have a difficult time getting to area.

2. Apply pain-relieving topicals or patches to your sore muscles.

These types of topicals are called liniments and contain herbal formulas to provide pain relieve. The topicals generally have a strong smell and tingles once applied. Most of them have menthol in it. You may have heard of Tiger Balm or seen it in the stores. Another great option is using a CBD cream.

Medicinal patches is another great option. It's basically a medicated patch that you adhere to the sore muscle and does the exact same thing as the liniments. It may instruct you to wear for about 6-8 hours and then you remove it.

3. Try acupuncture!

Seriously, acupuncture works amazing at relieving sore muscles. I am well trained in acupuncture with four years of clinical training. You may have heard of dry needling, which is very popular among the western professions. Dry needling is a style or technique that we use in acupuncture to release trigger points. My four years of clinical training has given me skills to offer pain-free relief and those knots just melt away under my fingers.

My Greer acupuncture clinic offers trigger point pain relief using dry needling and other modalities. Please call (864) 714-1119 to schedule an appointment so you can feel better.

Stacy Spence is an acupuncturist and herbalist in Greer, South Carolina specializing in pain relief. She offers multiple modalities like dry needling to resolve triggers points. She has trained for 3200 hours learning acupuncture techniques to provide safe, effective, and pain-free techniques that gets patients fast results. She loves sharing her knowledge and tips using social media and blogs. Please call for an appointment at (864) 714-1119.


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