How To Boost Your Low Libido

Is your love prowess diminished? No sexual fire to be stoked? When was the last time you even thought about sex?

If you had dimininshed libido or zero sex drive, then this is an indicator that there is an imbalance. Sex is an important part of being healthy. In this blog, I will share with you some common causes for low libido, give you some tips to get the fire stoked again, and treatments to improve libido.

In clinic I find that more young people are suffering from low libido and yes that even includes men. So what is a healthy libido mean? I explain it on a spectrum where a healthy libido means you actually have a desire for sex and have the energy to take action. Then there is one extreme where libido is too high and all consuming. As we move towards the other spectrum, we have a low libido where we do think about it occasionally, but don't take action. Then there is no libido where we don't think about it at all. How much sex one should have isn't clear, but it should be communicated with your partner what will work for the both of you.

What Could Be Causing Low Libido?

There plenty of factors in modern day life that is having a negative impact on sexual health. Stress, overwork, medications, fatigue, poor sleep, and hormone disruptions can trigger a low libido.

Causes for low libido

Let's take a quick look at the biggest problem I believe to be putting out the sexual fire, which is stress. It seems that everyone is suffering with moderate to high stress. Constant stress stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for fight, flight, or freeze. When our body is in a constant state of running from the tiger; it is dumping the stress hormones especially cortisol. This stress hormone actually suppresses the production of testosterone, which the hormone to boost our sex drive. This chronic state of stress and overwork can then even lead to fatigue. If you are too tired then sex probably isn't an option.

Disruptions in our endocrine system that regulates our hormones is another factor. This would include hypothyroidism, menopause, adrenal stress, and gynecological issues. It is a delicate balance with the hormones and can get out of balance leading to low libido.

Try These Simple Tips To Awaken Your Libido

Tips to improve libido

  • I always recommend taking a vacation with your spouse. It is amazing how most symptoms disappear while on vacation because you are less stressed, relaxed, well rested, and happy.

  • Relaxation and stress reduction is key to taking charge of your sex life. The goal is to be functioning in the parasympathetic nervous system of rest and digest by lowering those stress hormones.

  • Make time for romance even if it is for just cuddling.

  • Try giving each other a massage.

  • Take a romantic bath together.

  • Set the romance mood with candles, flowers, aromatherapy, wear something sexy, or place gemstones around the bedroom.

Aromatherapy-rose, Ylang Ylang, vanilla, germanium, and jasmine

Gemstones-rose quarts, garnet, or quartz

  • Why not add some aphrodisiac foods like chocolate, strawberries, figs, and oysters.

The key is to have fun and be playful with your partner and don't put any stress on yourself.

Are There Treatments That Can Successfully Treat Low Libido?

If you believe there is an underlying health problem related to your hormones or some other medical condition, then I would advise getting labs and medical evaluation.

acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Earseeds for libido

Are you looking for a natural way to restore your libido and improve your health? Chinese Medicine has been treating sexual health for thousands of years. If your internal Fire Yang is strong so will be your libido. Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, and Earseeds can regulate hormones and rebuild the sexual fire again. This picture is an example of Earseed Therapy promoting libido stimulation.

Thanks for reading the blog regarding low libido and I hope it gave you some sexual inspiration. If you would like to learn more about how Chinese Medicine can help restore your libido, please contact me for an Awaken My Libido Consultation.

In Good Health,


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