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Learn 4 Essential Skincare Tips To Protect Your Skin This Fall Season

Essential skincare tips for the fall, Photo by Natalie from Pexels

Do you know how to best protect your skin and prevent wrinkles during the fall season? Now that the weather has changed, so does your skincare regimen for the fall. In this blog, you will learn 4 essential tips to protect your skin from the changing weather of the season.

Summer To Fall Skincare Routine

Summer was the most Yang season with lots of heat and sunshine. Our skin had different requirements to keep it protected from all the UV rays. With fall season here, we are transitioning towards the winter, which are the coldest and darkest months. Fall weather brings cold wind that can be harsh to our skin. Plus, heaters will dry the air out, which will further dry our skin. And on top of that, our skin is trying to recover from the summer months.

Don't panic! We can help our skin stay hydrated and vibrant with a little extra help by transitioning skincare from summer too fall. I have some tips that will help keep your skin glowing and beautiful as the winter approaches.

Learn 4 Fall Essential Skincare Tips:

1. Got To Exfoliate!

Exfoliating your skin especially after the summer months and with the weather change is a MUST! Dead skin will accumulate and will clog your pores, which will make it difficult for your skincare products to penetrate deep into your skin. I always get asked by clients how often to exfoliate. It really depends on your skin type and how your skin responds to the elements. If you have dry skin, then you probably want to exfoliate twice per week or even three times. Someone with oily skin may only need to exfoliate once per week.

Be sure to use a gentle exfoliant on your skin. As we age, our skin becomes more delicate. The best exfoliant that I recommend is Pearl Powder. It is gentle and doesn't peel off your skin, but very effective at removing the dead cells. Pearl powder is a very popular herb used in skincare products in Chinese Medicine. Pearl powder contains minerals and amino acids that regenerates skin cells and prevents wrinkles.

2. Humidity is good for your skin.

This weather really can harm our skin and cause premature aging. The climate from either the cold and dry air from the outside or the dry indoor air can cause our skin to easily dry out, which leads to flaky and cracked skin and can even cause wrinkles. It is worth running a humidifier so that you restore moisture back in the air. No need to worry about running it through the entire house. It is best to choose a room that you spend most of your time in and run the humidifier there.

Skincare essential for fall

I highly recommend having a toner bottle around with you so you can spritz your face if you are start to feel dry. My favorites are rice or rose water. You can keep a small bottle in your purse or at your desk. Plus, it just feels so refreshing.

3. Moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize!

The fall season is all about keeping your skin moisturized and this generally requires thicker moisturizing creams. The thicker creams will be better suited for the harsher weather. Don't forget you still need some SPF protection. Even on the gray days, the solar rays still penetrate through the clouds.

4. Eat for healthy skin!

Since our skin is repairing from the excessive solar rays from the summer; this is the perfect time to increase antioxidant rich foods.

Leafy green veggies

Organic berries

Nuts-walnuts and pecans



Wild Salmon

Green Tea

And most importantly, stay hydrated. Yes, I know it is chai season, but teas don't count as drinking water. For your skin to look its best, you need to work from the inside out. That means nutritional organic foods and plenty of clean filtered water.

If you have any additional tips for healthy skin for the fall, I would love to hear it! Please shoot me an email.

I do hope you got some value from this blog and you know how to take better of your skin during the fall season. Please feel free to share on social media and give it a heart below.

Wishing you a VIBRANT LIFE!


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Stacy Spence, LAc. MSOM


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