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Eating This Chinese Herb Will Reduce Unwanted Wrinkles

Are you struggling with wrinkles, dull complexion, or sagging skin?

In this blog, I will explain the benefits of adding this Chinese herb to your diet can reduce wrinkles and give you a glowing complexion.

Chinese Anti-Aging Secrets To Reduce Wrinkles And Aging Skin

The ancient physicians knew that beautiful skin wasn't just skin deep, but achieved from the inside out. They discovered that specific Chinese herbs had different properties to enhance a glowing complexion and prevent wrinkles.

Chinese Anti-Aging Herb Hei Zhi Ma

Black Sesame Seeds known as "Hei Zhi Ma" is a powerful herbal tonic used internally to achieve flawless skin. According to Chinese Medical Herbology this seed tonifies the liver and kidneys, nourishes the blood, yin, and essence, and has a strong moistening function.

These seeds are abundant in antioxidants, which has an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties to protect the skin. It contains essential fatty acids, iron, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B to keep the skin glowing and to minimize wrinkles.

This Chinese herb is great for dry skin due its moistening properties and iron. So if you tend towards anemia this is great herb to add into your diet.

If you struggle with constipation, the moistening properties will help get your bowels moving, but if you tend towards loose stools then this might not be a good herb for you.

Another added bonus to taking black sesame seeds that it prevents premature gray hair.

You can eat these seeds in variety of ways:

You can add a 1 tablespoon in your smoothies, over salad, and sprinkle on top of stir fry or soups. Be creative and explore how you like to add black sesame seeds into your diet and if you have a great suggestion or recipe, please leave a comment below.

If you would like my recipe for Vibrant Skin Treats that contain black sesame seed, please shoot me an email at


Additional Resources For You:

Did you find this helpful and learn how certain Chinese herbs can help improve your skin and reduce wrinkles? If so, please leave a comment or question below.

Stacy Spence, L.Ac, MSOM and Vibrant Life Acupuncture Blog.

Facial Rejuvenation Specialist


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