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Quickly Resolve Menopausal Symptoms With TCM

Going through the change of life is a normal process that every woman will experience. As hormonal levels shift and start declining women will experience physiological changes in their body. The goal is to have a smooth transition with minimal symptoms. Unfortunately this isn't the case for most women and severe symptoms can leave them in distress. In this blog, I will share a natural solution that is effective at reducing menopausal symptoms while balancing hormones so it can a smooth transition into the next chapter of a woman's life.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been treating women's health for thousands of years by regulating menses and supporting reproductive health. Various modalities have been used to support women and optimizing their hormone health like using acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, and Qi Gong.

Common symptoms that women experience during perimenopause and menopause are the following:

hot flashes

night sweats

mood swings

irregular periods

heavy menstrual blood flow


weight gain

low libido

hair loss


All these symptoms are easily treated with TCM. Let me explain how acupuncture, herbal medicine, and ear seed therapy can help naturally minimize these menopausal symptoms.

Acupuncture Effectively Treats Perimenopause and Menopausal Symptoms

Acupuncture is the insertion of tiny wires at specific acupuncture points to relieve menopausal symptoms. It works by stimulating the nervous system, endocrine system to regulate and balance hormones, increases blood flow especially to the reproductive organs to help regulate menses.

To learn more about acupuncture, please visit my page called Acupuncture

TCM Herbal Medicine Effectively Treats Perimenopause and Menopausal Symptoms

Using herbal medicine is very important when treating hormonal imbalances due to menopause. Herbal medicine is the use of a formula that combines a variety of herbs that has a synergistic effect on the body and without causing negative side effectives like harming the liver or kidneys. The herbal medicine is putting resources and nutrients back into the body. Women who experience bothersome menopausal symptoms most likely has an underlying deficiencies and low organ functions that isn't supporting the endocrine system.

To learn more about herbal medicine, please visit my page called Chinese Herbal Medicine

Ear Seed Therapy Effectively Treats Perimenopause and Menopausal Symptoms

Another effective option for women struggling with menopausal symptoms is ear seed therapy. The whole body is mapped out on the ear, which means there are nerve endings that correlate to each body part. Seeds are placed on specific acupuncture points and when stimulated will directly stimulate the brain. Ear seed therapy is acupressure therapy.

To learn more about ear seed therapy, please visit my page called Ear Seed Therapy

In this blog, TCM is effective effective at addressing perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms that is naturally bringing your body back into balance for a smooth transition. Acupuncture, herbal medicine, and ear seed therapy are modalities that I use to help women feel like themselves again and not have struggle with all these unwanted symptoms.

If you are struggling with perimenopause or menopause, please contact me for a FREE Smooth Menopause Consultation. I can help with you virtually or in-person.

Wishing you a smooth journal,


Chapel Hill Acupuncturist Stacy Spence

My mission is to help as many women live their best lives! We have successfully help women no longer struggle with menopause. We offer natural solutions to get feeling like yourself again.

Stacy Spence, L.Ac., MSOM



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Disclaimer: Vibrant Life Acupuncture and its owner, Stacy Spence, and it’s employees do not in any way claim that Chinese Medicine, either Acupuncture or Chinese Herbal medicine, can cure any chronic or acute diseases.


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